"K" Line Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier
"K" Line LNG carrier. Photo: "K" Line

Fruitful collaboration between ”K” Line LNG Shipping and SPM Instrument UK

The LNG* market is a thriving industry, with many newbuilds commissioned from shipyards across the world. “K” Line LNG Shipping (UK) LTD, a subsidiary of “K” Line based in Japan, is among those currently in an expansion phase. With “K” Line LNG’s overall mission to help their stakeholders achieve their goals by carrying energy safely, a condition-based maintenance strategy makes good sense.

The fact that LNG carriers are among the most expensive and technically advanced vessels in the shipping industry is one driver for condition-based maintenance. Furthermore, classification societies have long since recognized the benefits that condition monitoring can bring to the marine industry. Well implemented, it can improve asset performance, enhance safe operation, and reduce the environmental footprint.

SPM Instrument UK provides condition monitoring solutions and remote data analysis support for two vessels in the “K” Line LNG UK fleet. Using the handheld data collector Leonova Emerald IS with accessories, “K” Line vessel engineers collect condition monitoring data from all critical assets, such as propulsion and ancillary equipment, on a monthly basis. The data is sent to SPM Instrument UK for remote analysis and diagnosis. In addition, condition data from the complete set of vessel assets, including pumps and fans, are sent to SPM quarterly.

Currently managing a fleet of eleven LNG carriers, “K” Line LNG UK is now looking to expand its condition monitoring program to cover further vessels. Thus, Managing Director Phil Owen of SPM Instrument UK recently had the pleasure of presenting to various “K” Line LNG stakeholders, including technical and senior managers, the benefits of condition-based maintenance in general and the HD condition monitoring technologies in particular. After the presentation, which also included statistics showing an improvement of overall equipment condition on the two vessels under SPM contract, the engaged audience of technical and management staff took the opportunity to ask questions about the implementation of SPM condition monitoring solutions.

Established in 2005, ship manager and ship owner ”K” Line LNG Shipping UK is headquartered in London.

SPM Instrument is a class-approved service provider, holding DNV GL, ABS, and Lloyd’s Register certification.

*) Liquefied Natural Gas

Leonova Emerald IS

One of the most advanced ATEX/IECEx certified instruments on the market, Leonova Emerald IS provides sophisticated technologies and usability in a single measuring device.