Nordic Paper Group standardizes condition monitoring with DuoTech

Swedish forestry group Nordic Paper has decided to use SPM’s recently developed accelerometer DuoTech as the standard sensor for condition monitoring of critical equipment at the group's three mills in Bäckhammar, Säffle and Åmotfors.

The newly developed DuoTech accelerometer combines the best of two cutting-edge monitoring technologies. The two patented measuring technologies HD ENV and SPM HD make it possible to obtain a complete condition status of monitored objects, with exceptionally clear measuring results and very long forewarning times of deteriorating mechanical condition.

"We see a great advantage in being able to measure both vibration and shock pulse with the same sensor, especially in paper machines, because we want to be able to analyze more than just bearings.", says Preventive Maintenance Manager Kent Linné at the Nordic Paper Bäckhammar mill.

Nordic Paper has operations in Norway and Sweden with four paper mills and two pulp mills, all within 250 kilometers apart. Only renewable forest resources are used in the manufacturing processes, with the greatest possible consideration for the environment.

Since 2013, SPM Instrument is the main supplier of vibration monitoring technology for rotating equipment in all three of the Group’s production units in Sweden and has delivered online systems as well as portable instruments to Nordic Paper. The overall objective of the condition monitoring standardization is to facilitate maintenance operations, reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity.