Scania Industrial Maintenance chooses HD technology for portable vibration measurement
Scania bus engine assembly in the plant in Södertälje. Photo:

Scania Industrial Maintenance chooses HD technology for portable vibration measurement

Scania Industrial Maintenance manages the preventive maintenance in all Scania production facilities in Sweden. The company has now decided to replace its existing portable instruments for route-based measurement of the condition of critical machines, and SPM has been chosen as a supplier of new measuring equipment.

Following a period of test measurement and evaluation, the choice fell on the high-end portable data analyzer Leonova Diamond, which will now replace existing instruments from another manufacturer. Initially, four instruments are purchased for use in the plant in Södertälje. The ordered instruments are equipped with HD technology, enabling vibration and shock pulse measurement through the patented measuring techniques HD ENV and SPM HD. These methods accurately detect damage in gearboxes and bearings at a very early stage, thus providing optimal conditions for planned maintenance. The purchase also includes the Condmaster Ruby 2018 analysis software and service agreement.

Maintenance engineer Anders Ramström at Scania Industrial Maintenance on the choice of SPM as a supplier: "Our vibration instrument needs have changed while our current instruments are becoming outdated. After careful investigation, the choice fell on SPM, who offer a flexible solution – from entry-level handheld instruments to systems for online monitoring – which suits our requirements."

Scania Industrial Maintenance has previously installed the Intellinova Parallel MB vibration monitoring unit on critical machines. When such a unit triggers an alarm for increasing vibration levels, preventive maintenance technicians can follow up the alarm by measuring on the unit's buffered output with Leonova Diamond, thus obtaining detailed information about the machine's current condition. Rather than performing route-based measurements on a routine basis, this approach means that measurement is only carried out when needed, saving considerable time.

Scania operates in about 100 countries and has more than 42,000 employees. Scania Industrial Maintenance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Scania CV AB and one of the largest technical production support companies in the country with 900 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 1.6 billion (2016).

For more information, contact Sales Manager Tomas Årman, SPM Instrument Sweden, or +46 (0)70-330 84 38.