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Successful collaboration between Optiwind and SPM Instrument in the Netherlands

Dutch service provider Optiwind BV, based in the North East of the Netherlands, installs online condition monitoring systems in wind turbines. Their main customer group is private owners and cooperatives owning single or multiple turbines. Optiwind’s business model is based on a package offered as an alternative to the OEM when warranty expires.

Optiwind has made agreements with insurance companies to reduce the insurance premiums to be paid by the owners when an online condition monitoring system is installed in the wind turbine. In case bearing or gear problems are detected by the data analysis team, Optiwind will recommend the owner to have maintenance carried out by preferred service partner(s). This way Optiwind secures the interest of both owner and insurance company.

All types of wind turbines - such as Vestas, Neg Micon, Micon, Nordtank, Bonus, Siemens, Nordex, and others - can be monitored. Optiwind uses the Intellinova Compact online system and the Condmaster Ruby software from SPM Instrument for reliable condition monitoring of wind turbines. To date, some twenty Intellinova Compact systems have been successfully installed.

The Intellinova Compact condition monitoring system continuously monitors the key components of the wind turbine. In this system, vibration and shock pulse transducers are permanently mounted on the gearbox, generator and main bearing(s). These transducers continuously measure shock pulses and machine vibration, originating from the various components. The measurement data is sent to a data centre via 3G connection. The analysis is carried out by means of the Condmaster Ruby software by ISO 18436-2 CAT III vibration specialists.

In addition, the continuous monitoring of wind turbines offers the following advantages:

  • Prevents major consequential damages
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Higher revenues through reduced downtime
  • Higher efficiency
  • Perfect understanding of wind turbine condition

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